Previous Articles by Dmitri Allicock

Previous Articles by Dmitri Allicock. Most of them are on Guyanese Online

Cricket: On this Day, June 25 1963 -Exactly 50 years ago

Cricket: The Prudential World Cup 1975

Remembering Dr Charles Roza of the Mackenzie Hospital

 Dr Giglioli 1897- 1975 and the fight against Malaria in British Guiana   

 Myths, Legends and Fables of Guyana

 Shell Beach of Guyana

 The Legendary Porknockers of Guyana

Rainstorm- An Arawak Story

 Some Unique Words of Guyana

 A Nostalgic Guyanese Christmas

 British Guiana 1923 Half Crown

 The Linden Ferry Boat

 From the Chamber Pot to the Computer

The Berbice Chair

 Guyana- The Mysterious Land of Giants

Jeff Corwin in Guyana

Green Vegetables of Guyana

 Guyana- A Paradise for Fruits

 Guyana the Land Of Many Waters and Fish

Helpful Household Hints

 Tribute to Manly VHL Binning 1899-1986

 The Street Characters of Upper Demerara 1960-1980

 Remembering the Legends of Upper Demerara- Walter Spence

Linden to Celebrate Town Week

The Coconut Tree

 The Remnants of the Early Dutch in Guyana 1616-1815

 The Ice Trade of British Guiana

 The Versatile Ité Palm of Guyana

 The Scenic Lake Capoey of Guyana

 The Magnificent Toucan- Jewel of the Canopy

 The Blue Saki- Amazing Seed Disperser

 The Towa- Towa- Great Songster of Guyana

 The Conspicuous Great Kiskadee of Guyana

 Mother’s Day Tribute

 Georgetown to Celebrate 200th Birthday

 St. Georges Cathedral of Guyana

 Lord Bishop Piercy Austin of British Guiana

 Bartica- A Missed Opportunity of History

 Traditional Home Remedies of Guyana

 The Bremner of Akyma De Maria Elisabeth

 Peg Leg George of Sebacabra

The Patersons of Christianburg

John Paterson 1816-1898- The Last of his Generation

The Special Story of Nancy Allicock 1820-1848

The 1933 Denham Suspension Bridge into Guyana’s Hinterland

 The Demerara Essequibo Railway {DER}

 The Fortunes of Bauxite

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