A Propose Metro Light Rail for Guyana – By Dmitri Allicock

A Propose Metro Light Rail for Guyana

By Dmitri Allicock

The close relationship between railways and the genera of development is distinctly defined by the prosperity and success that they brought throughout the globe.

GT transit sytemA group of young enterprising Guyanese based in both the USA and Guyana and associated with the University of Guyana has been trying to promote the idea of a Georgetown Light Rail Project that would ease the congestion of traffic, providing efficient, safe travel and the restoration of the garden city that Georgetown once was. A great idea for growth and development to accompany the rapidly growing capital and the modernization of Guyana was listed in the group’s proposal.

About the project:  The Georgetown, Guyana Light Rail Transit Project will create a light rail alignment that would travel an anticipated amount of miles, connecting  University of Guyana students, as well as the working class teens, children, adults and tourist of the city.  

Reason for Light rail project: Each day, hundreds of Guyanese commuters, tourists and students rely on the local bus and or taxi as their primary source of transportation to and from work or school. Worldwide rail systems are a primary source for transporting goods, commuting the public and providing safe travel.

Light rail is growing: Over the past several decades, light rail and trains have been the efficient and safe way to travel.  The rapid expansion along with construction all over the city of Georgetown and a more environmentally conscious public have led the idea to believe that light rail can help alleviate traffic congestion and pollution, preventing the amount of deadly car crashes, accidents, and theft. This will also bring an end to trashing the Georgetown streets….

Read more:  [A Propose Metro Light Rail for Guyana]

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