Fancy Words of Historical Guyana – by Dmitri Allicock


By Dmitri Allicock

Almost gone from Guyana is an age old tradition and fashionable affection for the words and opportunity of public speaking, letter writing with prose, imperfect grammar of command, said with peculiar accentuation to words and sentences, without a trace of self-consciousness or amusement.

Fancy words pix

In one letter asking for employment in the 1950s, opened like this:

“Even though none of my applications was successful, I still nevertheless have, beyond contemplative imagination, sincerely high hopes in securing a suitable post into your beneficial highly productive staff- especially so, where all such matters lie under your most competent, influential, and altogether applaudable versatile management. There is, therefore, no doubt to the fact that one’s ambiguous hopes brightens tremendously wherever there is a man of your overwhelming personality,integrity and high prestige together with your immense popularity and most deservingly accorded you in your greatly appreciated, well acknowledged aid towards assisting others in dire need.As a result, therefore Sir, my obstinate aspiration has already found consolidation in you. My obstruent, persistent endeavors to obtain congruent employment in the rather bewildering past have been gruesomely unfortunate.”  [Read More    FANCY WORDS OF HISTORICAL GUYANA]

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