RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY – By Dmitri Allicock



 By Dmitri Allicock


 Stride through soft savannah high

Grasslands of Guyana a regal sigh

5000 sq. mils of swamp and plains

Steady in saddle with guiding reins

Lofty Kanuku’s shadow profound

Echoing sounds of nature abounds

Sunshine world so pure and clean

Hoof beats of gently trot to be seen

Green pastures where many graze

Mountain breeze and tall grass sway

Vaqueros, bridle, blanket and saddle

Guyana cowboys rounding up cattle

Drenching rain or blazing hot weather

Riding with pride and tough as leather

Cowboys and Indians – part 1 of 4

Cowboys and Indians Part 2 of 4

Cowboys and Indians – Part 3 of 4

Cowboys and Indians – -Part 4 of 4

Uploaded on Jan 14, 2009 – 

A production of Guiana Shield Media Project (GSMP)- “Cowboys and Indians, Ranching in the Rupununi” (2000) a 35 minute documentary featuring the Rupununi Rodeo, Dadanawa Ranch (one of the largest in the world) and Karanambo Ranch with its well developed ecotourism and giant otter preservation programme. Launched in April 2000, it is now in distribution to TV worldwide as well as organisations and educational institutions.
Directed by Ray Kril and Terry Roopnaraine.

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