LIFE IS A TRAIN RIDE – By Dmitri Allicock + video

Life is a train ride


By Dmitri Allicock

Our life is indeed a journey on a train

Crossing valleys, hills & grassy plains

Boarding with our parents as sprouts

Believing in them without any doubt

Panorama of the outside whistling by

The traveler’s story in wink of an eye

At a point our parents will disembark

Leaving us forever to make our mark

Our family & friends in different seats

And many boarding strangers to greet

A train charging like troops into battle

Through cities and pastures with cattle

A ride of fantasies, farewells and sorrows

Journey of expectation and tomorrows

Adjusting, loving & forgiving thru strife

A fabulous train journey and of our life

New frontiers with hopes for the brave

Before we also give our goodbye wave

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  • Winston Yaw  On February 17, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Life is a train wreck if the infrastructure is not adequately maintained. Derailments and the resulting wreckage can affect so many other interrelated lives,and those of onlookers that are in the wrong place at the wrong time

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