THE HOATZIN – A bird without rules – By Dmitri Allicock

Hoatzin bird


A bird without rules

By Dmitri Allicock

The National Bird of Guyana, and a story to tell

An evolutionary mystery with that strange smell

Redolent of cow manure, the Canje Pheasants are

A clumsy bird in flight, shape and origin, bizarre


The only extant member the genus Opisthocomus

Related to the herbivore and must be from Venus

It possesses an enormous gut for the food it needs

Like the ones that chew their cuds when they feed


Even the chicks are weird, a pair of claws on wings

A bird that croaks, without rules and does not sing

Blue eye shadows and a Mohawk, like a punk rock

Anti- establishment hoatzin & equally is its squawk


Rarely hunted but some might use the eggs for food

Reputed bad tasting assures the survival of the brood

Its Greek name meaning ‘wearing long hair behind’

Amongst the exuberant waterways of Guyana, you will find.

Download poem: The Hoatzin – A bird without rules- by Dmitri Allicock


Hoatzin claws – video

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