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GUYANA: A Song to Behold – 23 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock

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Happy New Year 2019 – 12 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock + Music Video

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MERRY CHRISTMAS – 12 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock + Video

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A TRIBUTE TO MY FATHER – By Dmitri Allicock


By Dmitri Allicock

(2012- Left to right, my brother in law, Walter Reece, my wife, Evadney, son, Shane and myself)

It has been years since I flew the nest
But my humble home I like the best
Memories of family closeness I feel again
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GUYANA- Follow the trail home- 22 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock

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GUYANA: A Treasure of Golden Things- 21 Poems – Dmitri Allicock

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Guyana: A Fountain Of My Favorite Things – 21 Poems

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Guyana- Sunshine at Christmas Time- 20 poems – By Dmitri Allicock + Video

Guyana– Sunshine at Christmas Time- 20 poems

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Guyana – Magical Moments – 30 poems – by Dmitri Allicock

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY – By Dmitri Allicock + video



By Dmitri Allicock

Love in a marriage is more than just a feeling but a verb. The everyday wear and tear of life can fluctuate the feelings of happiness but a commitment to instill a positive approach in your relationship and to treat each other kindly will reduce stress and overcome challenges. Remember to let go of past heartbreaks, not to dwell on the negatives and to forgive. Happiness lies within and in the manner in which we appreciate one another.  Continue reading