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2014 IN REVIEW – By Dmitri Allicock

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By Dmitri Allicock

Another year almost gone before eternal goodbye

Only a few days left and a brand new slate to try

A year of both good and bad and the in between

Tales of much drama and life on the world scene Continue reading


Remembering Bill Rogers – “Weed Song”

Remembering Bill Rogers

And The West Indian Woman Weed Song

By Dmitri Allicock

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers {Augustus Hinds} was a famous early Guyanese Calypsonian responsible for putting Guyana on the recording map when he recorded for RCA Victor Bluebird Record Company in 1934. He was also responsible for the creation of Shanto music, a genre that is specifically Guyanese.

Young Bill Rogers and also calypsonian {Roger Hinds} speaking for the Caribbean Beat in Nov-Dec 2008 issue said, “My father was known as Bill Rogers, but his real name was Augustus Hinds. He was the person responsible for putting Guyana on the recording map when he recorded for RCA Victor Bluebird Record Company in 1934.  That was the top recording company in those days. Continue reading

Sorrel and Mauby- a taste for all occasions

Sorrel and Mauby- a taste for all occasions

There is an abiding love by Guyanese around the world for some of the delicious home brewed drinks of Guyana that verges on worship. This unwavering memory of the taste of home can instantly transport you back to that nostalgic and happy place of family and cultural identification. Guyanese foods and drinks are always on the minds of the diaspora regardless of their vast distances of travel and adaptation to other foods and cultural experiences of the world.

Mouthwatering fruits juices and drinks in Guyana comes from the multitude of amazing tropical fruits of Guyana- homemade juices and drinks inexpensively prepared and served in households to satisfy everyday needs. Pineapple drinks made from both chunks of pineapple or peel, five -finger {star fruit}  cashew, paw- paw, orange juice or drink, lemonade or swank, mango juice or drink, coconut water, ginger-beer, guava, sorrel and mauby are some of the more common delicious homemade drinks that are thought of when Guyanese excitedly seek out Caribbean stores to enjoy something uniquely special. Sorrel and Mauby are probably two of the most commonly sought after drinks. Dried sorrel or sorrel syrup, mauby bark or extract, both offers a gratifying taste of tradition to the longing palate of Guyanese.  Read more  [Sorrel and Mauby- A taste for all occasions]