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In the Shadows of the Jaguar – The Legendary Porknocker


In the Shadows of the Jaguar

The Legendary Porknocker

By Dmitri Allicock

New “shouts” of gold deep in wild of 1800s Guyana lured the individual gold prospector and gave birth to the legendary Porknocker. Leathery men left the comforts of their homes in Guyana and around the Caribbean for the inhospitable interior armed with only spade and battel, in search for that golden salvation of hesperides and became an unfathomed reservoir of stories, myths,  legend and incarnation fiction without boundaries.

For thousands of years gold was a part of the history of the native people of the Americas and Guyana and the association of gold attracted the attention of many early explorers of written history. It was even suggested that Guyana was the source of the elusive and legendary city of El Dorado, fabled for its great wealth of gold and precious jewels. In 1595, prompted by the great riches brought back from South America by the Spanish, Sir Walter Raleigh, Captain of her Majesty’s Guard, embarked from London on an expedition in search of the city of El Dorado.

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